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Magnetic Meeples & Games
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Cheeky Dingo's unique line of 3d-printed magnetic decor and game bits bring color and delight to your home and game table. We have cute little "bantam" meeples (17mm), slightly bigger meeps in the "chonky" (25mm) sets and even some "titan" (50mm) meeples.

Soon you'll be able to join players all over the real world by participating in the ongoing Starship Crewpers Mega-Game. Turn your kitchen fridge, school locker or work cubicle into a game surface and send your team on assigned missions to contribute to the ever unfolding saga taking place in the Living Cosmos fictional setting. 

You can also play quick, casual games with the Meeple Maneuver magnetic game kit (download the rules HERE)

Meep Tac Toe

Turn your kitchen refrigerator or your school locker into physical game space with our unique line of magnetic meeples and game grids.

Choose from dragons, supernatural creatures, starship crew and even Magic the Gathering® mana meeples as your avatars.

With the "chonky" pack you choose two sets of our bigger meeples (25mm) to face off in a new twist on Tic Tac Toe using 4 magnetic grids. From a simple, quick game to variations that elevate the strategy of the base concept, you'll turn those times between class and the awkward lapses in kitchen conversation at a cocktail party into quick, fun games!

The "bantam" sets  feature our standard-sized gaming meeples (17mm) and 5 mini magnet grids. These sets come with enough components to play BOTH Meeple Maneuver and Meep Tac Toe.

Magnetic Meeples

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Human Flavor Supernaturals

These cute, adorable meeple magnets  come in the six clan types from our Human Flavor board game: angels, demons, wereCreatures, fairy folk, undead and mystics.

size: Chonky

Chakra magneMeep promo 1.jpg

Chakra Magnets

These 7 decorative magnets feature the traditional chakra symbols emblazoned upon a sparkling meeple shape.

size: Titan

enlisted meeps 1.jpg

Starship Crew Meeples

These standard sized meeple magnets feature the officers and enlisted crew from our various Living Cosmos stories and games. They come in all eight division colors and with the officers built on a black body with a color stripe and the enlisted built on a solid color body.

size: Bantam

Mana magenMeeps pic 2.jpeg

MTG Mana magneMeeps

Dark sparkle meeple magnets emblazoned with the five mana types from Magic the Gathering® ccg

size: Chonky

star dragon.jpeg

Elemental signMark DRAGONS

These eight magnets depict mythical dragon creatures from the world of Evorstrom. Each is based upon one of the 8 elemental signMarks that imbue every living thing in the fantastical world.

size: Chonky (dragons)

size: Titan (signMark symbols)

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