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Human Flavor 
(in development)


In Human Flavor, 2-6 players will each take control of a clan of supernatural beings. The clans are vying for control of Bigbad City but need nourishment to enact their policies for domination.

Every type of supernatural feeds on a different aspect of humanity. The shape-changing FERALS feed upon the physical meat of people while divine CELESTIALS consume their faith and prayers. No matter the flavor, humans are nameless meals for these folk. The real problem is keeping their hunger hidden as the city's population will eventually get wise to all the disappearances and mangled corpses rising up to thwart the foul infestation.

Yin this worker placement and resource management game you start the game with a limited number of actions. Players will take turns placing their worker meeples on the city board or at home on their clan board until all actions are used up. Actions include gaining or placing dominance stackers, capturing humans upon which to feed to gain resources and triggering special abilities of clan allies and city locations.

Dining upon your captive humans slowly erodes their nutritional value. Eventually they must be discarded into the dumpster. You can always straight up devour your humans to gain points but no resources. Placing dominance stackers on the Uprising meter has the potential to garner you large chunks of points at the end of the game. But be warned! If those stacks get too high the humans will revolt and the stackers will be worth very little.

Players also have Personal AGENDA cards which can be turned in at the end of a round for slight to moderate victory point gains. Each day (round) of the game there are 3 Public AGNENDAS available to all players. These agendas will provide additional ways to score points. 


The game concludes after 4 or 5 days and the player with the most victory points holds triumphant dominion over the city.

Human Flavor utilizes worker placement, resource management and variable end game scoring goals to fuel its fun. It is for 2-6 players, ages 12+ and games last 60-90 minutes (though that varies depending upon player count). Click HERE for the latest version of the rulebook.

Components include custom meeples, custom resource tokens, game board, player mats, supernatural ally cards (tarot size) and nameless human cards, agenda cards, and dominance stackers.

Scoring happens mostly at the end of each round as personal agendas are revealed and pubic agendas are tabultated. The final value of dominance stackers is calculated at the very end of the game and may be lowered if the humans have gotten too angry and risen up against their supernatural overlords.



The board consists of 4 spaces to hold random supernatural allies, 4 spaces for humans to capture and devour, 8 locations with unique actions that you can control for victory points and the Human Uprising Meter tracking end game conditions.

small - FeyFolk board.jpg


Each player will take control of a faction (Fey, Ferals, CelestialsInfernals, Undead or Mystics). Each board holds a different allotment of resources, houses human captives (along the bottom), supernatural allies hang out on the left and your ride-or-die minion on the right.

Each faction mat also has a unique, once-per-game ability.

FERAL 1.jpg
FEY 4.jpg


You and your clan are not the only otherworldly beings in Bigbad City. Other supernatural folk continuously pass through town giving you a chance to recruit them. Allies come in six varieties and any one of them can be persuaded to join your clan at the end of each day.

Each ally has a unique special ability that you can activate. They are also worth points at the end of the game, that is if you keep them fed every day.

human 37.jpg
human 20.jpg
human 8.jpg

HUMAN meals

The food upon which the supernaturals feast (in one way or another) are represented by the Human cards. Each human is acquired for free by visiting the city location where they reside. They each provide 3 resources to your clan mat when snacking upon them (at the cost of spending one of your action tokens).

Each human also has a network token attached to it. When the human is fully devoured (removed from the game) you add a stacker to a matching location in the city location to claim points and hold some amount of dominance.


IMG_5805 Large.jpeg

One of the central mechanisms for gaining victory points is to place Dominance Stackers on the uprising meters on the city board. When you place one, it goes on the bottom of the stack and you immediately score 1 point. The stacks can only go 4-high, so when a 5th one is added, the top stacker is bumped to the middle meter to reflect humanity's growing resentment and anger.

Public Agenda 6.jpg
Public Agenda 16.jpg

PUBLIC Agendas

Each day 3 random public scoring opportunities are revealed. Choose your actions wisely during the round in order to make sure you gain points from as many of them as possible. 

Human Flavor Merch

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