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7 Sign Circle

In the world of Evorstrom, every living thing is divinely marked with one of eight signs. The closer a sign is to another on the circle, the more compatible they are. Opposing signs are anathema to each other.

7 Sign Circle is a deck of round cards - The Deck of Fey - with 8 “suits” of 11 cards per suit (one suit for each signMark). Some people believe in the oracular potency of the deck while others simply use them for gambling and recreational games of chance.

Test your wit at any of the games possible with this deck of cards, a 7-pointed star mat and eight signMark tokens. Games include variations on trick-taking, rummy and blakcjack; familiar styles from traditional card games, but each of these comes with the twist in how the suits relate to each other from hand to hand and game to game.

This box also comes with 8 additional cards, 2 each in 4 "secret signs" that are just beginning to emerge in the world. They are not currently used in any of these games but may give you a sense of what more is to come....

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Troll Tricker

2 - 7 Players
ages 12+

20 - 45 min.


  • Shuffle the 8 Sign tokens and place 7 around the mat

  • The remaining 8th sign token is FEY (trump) this round

  • Deal 11 cards to each player

  • Each player is dealt a signMark card (cannot be of the Trump/FEY sign), this is their SIGN for the hand

  • Choose a 1st Player





    Lead player plays 1 card from hand. In turn order to the left of the lead player, all other players MUST play a card of the same sign OR may play a card from the FEY sign . If they CANNOT, they may play any other card.


    Whoever played the highest card in the lead sign scores the trick. If one or more FEY signs was played, the highest FEY sign card wins the trick (1 or 3 points).


    Play until all cards in hand are used. Then draw a new hand of 11, shuffle and reorder the sign tokens with one as the new FEY sign for the next hand.


    GAME ENDS after at the hand when one or more players have ____ points.




Points are awarded to the player who WON the trick and the relationship of that player’s SIGN to the sign of the card that won the trick.


  • ONE (1) points if the trick’s lead card was of an OPPOSING sign

  • TWO (2) points if the trick’s lead card was of an NEUTRAL sign

  • THREE (3) points if the trick’s lead card was of an HARMONIOUS sign

  • FOUR (4) points if the trick’s lead card was of the SAME sign

  • THREE (3) points if the trick was won by sloughing a FEY/TRUMP sign

  • ONE (1) point if the trick was won by leading a FEY/TRUMP sign

  • IF you take ZERO tricks by the end of a hand: 5 points (in a 3 player game); 4 points (4 players); 3 points (5+ players)

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