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Casual Card • 3-6 players • 20-30 minutes • ages 12+

Game Mechanics: Hand Management • Set Collection • Light "take that"

RANKaree plays quickly and is easy to learn.

Each player is a starship captain and is seeking to collect the most MISSION tokens by playing the highest rank crew card from your hand. 


Officers always outrank enlisted cards, even if of a lower numeric value. Once all the mission tokens have been claimed, points are totaled and a new set of mission tokens are drawn and a new game begins.

The deck is also has 7 ALERT cards in it. When one is drawn, something happens to the game state such as all unclaimed tokens of one color are removed from the board.


The game ends immediately when the 7th Alert card is drawn from the deck. The player with the most points is the winner and is hailed by the admiralty as the most formidable captain in the Fleet!

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