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Layman Kingsford's seminal works of creativity cover each of their favorite genres of fiction: high fantasy, contemporary superheroes and futuristic science fiction. From tabletop games to short stories to full-length novels, this saga begins on one fictional world and evolves to impact an entire universe.

On the world of Evorstrom, two distinct species of intelligent hominids have evolved: humans - who begat elves and dwarves; and goblins who begat trolls and ogres.

In the beginning we witness empires built around competing elemental forces of magic. These forces structure the very lifestyle of every person in the world. Everyone has magic, most only in small flickers but some, especially the dual-signed Saints, wield magic on scales that can devastate continents.

Eventually empires turn into sprawling metropolises where magic is nothing but distant memory. The pervasive and suggestive influences of mega bioTech corporations has the populace yearning to be something other than what they are. Powered heroes emerge from a nightclub disaster, some of whom will embrace innovation and change while others will fight to maintain the status quo. Will the monstrous and unnatural creations of the bioTech companies come to dominate the world or will the naturally-powered heroes win the day?

Ultimately the Evostrom galaxy gets colonized by dozens of species of people hailing from the cradle planet. In all the centuries of exploration and colonization, never once is an alien lifeform ever encountered. Then, one day out of the far reaches of the universe, come inscrutable and monolithic creatures bent on devouring everything the colonies have painstakingly built.

Things learned and forgotten in the days of magical empires will influence the development of super-powered heroes a millennia later which will in turn dictate the course of galactic expansion. Ingredients from every era will resonate across time to impact the culmination of the Living Saga.

Author's Note: These works are written (both in their internal reality and with the narrative's use of the English language) as entirely UN-GENDEREDWhat this means is that there is not a single gendered pronoun anywhere in the text!

All singular pronouns are they/them/their/you and all plural pronouns are theyz/themz/theirz/youz).

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Inspired by a childhood filled with epic fantasy from Tolkien to Feist to Brust to Jordan, schooled by the works of contemporary masters such as Erickson, Esselmont, Sanderson and Hobb, many of the hallmarks of classic fantasy see a new twist here.

Elves and dwarves share common human ancestry while diminutive goblins have evolved into larger folk - trolls - and huge folk - ogres. What separates people in this world is not species, but elemental sign. A Wind-signed elf shares a culture, not to mention exclusive magical powers, with other Wind-signed people regardless of species rather than elves of different signMarks..

Conflict arises between the religions and societies built around each of the 8 known signMarks. What happens to this world when new signMarks emerge and methods are uncovered allowing anyone to wield magic of any sign? Centuries of belief and assumed truths are put to the test as a new reality starts to take shape.

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The once-colorful empires that spanned the world are now bunched together in colorless city-states of monumental proportions. Wondrous technology and a whole digital lifestyle have made magic a concept found only in whimsical children's stories.

Planet-spanning corporations pedal goods and services to everyone while enticing them to change, to become different and more interesting versions of themselves. Sure, biology doesn't allow elves and goblins to have children together, but the marvels of bio-technology can make it look like your parents were of different heritage.

What happens when super powers are esoterically granted to a small allotment of rowdy nightclubbers? These powers, fueled by the contrast between light, shadow and darkness, get wielded with singular clarity and efficacy.

Will the corporations running the world make friends, assets or enemies of these powered folk or will the heroes carve out something entirely new for the people of every mega-city?

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The planet of Evorstrom is no more. Its entire solar system has been broken down and rebuilt into a chain of interlocking ring worlds. From there, 54 distinct species of people took flight into the galaxy to terraform planets suitable to each of their unique biological needs. 

A central government rules the egalitarian civilization where no one lives in hunger, everyone has a home and healthcare is readily available. Every life-giving need is met and only those choosing to live outside the establishment risk ill-health or starvation.

The Baschun government manages a massive force of starships, bases, FTL gates and outposts to make sure the needs of every vote-bearing citizen and meal-desirous civilian are met. Never has anything, not even the occasional uprising of temporary recalcitrants, threatened the stability or efficacy of the system until now.


Alien life, the first ever encountered, has come knocking not at the front door but against the very foundations of all civilization. The near planet-sized alien vessels disgorge forth swarms of bio-technological drones to consume people, places and planets leaving behind husks of once-thriving life. They can't be communicated with nor do they seem desirous of anything but rampant destruction. Will the people serving in the Situdel Fleet be enough to thwart the assault before everything is lost?

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