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We are fans of all sorts of tabletop games from casual games playable by anyone in a short time to heavyweight "gamer" games that require hours to play.  Every type of game serves different players, moods or situations and we don't feel that any one board, dice or card game inherently is better than any other.

At Cheeky Dingo Entertainment we tend to enjoy creating cooperative experiences where all the players have to work together rather than against each other. We also like a good story to be infused in the game, even if lightly evocative of the theme. Sometimes the story is derived from the player's experience during the game and sometimes it is revealed by exposing pre-written plot.

We strive to be as inclusive as humanly possible to all players no matter where they are from, what they believe or their level of gaming experience. There is no room for bigotry, hate or intolerance. We promote gaming as a cultural method to share recreational time, to explore our connectedness with each other and to embrace each others' differences and to share a greater sense of human community.


ElfQuest Game image2.jpg


Card • Cooperative • Dice Rolling • Hand Management • Variable Character Powers

Licensed from

Wendy & Richard Pini


Medium • 1-4 players


Elfquest's World of Two Moons is calling! Gather your elf tribe together as your very survival is at stake. Life can be difficult, even brutal, as you deal with fearful and violent humans, treacherous and manipulative trolls, and all manner of strange creatures and harsh environments.

3d box top-2.png


Card • Set Collection • Light "Take That"

Casual • 2-7 players


A casual and fast card game extracted from the Living Starship universe where each player is a ship captain vying to have their crew complete the most work to earn the admiral's attention.

HB prototypes.jpg


Board • Dice • Push Your Luck • Gay Adult

Art by Chayne Avery & Russel Garcia

Casual • 3-6 players


In this fun and frisky board game made by gays for gays, each player takes on the part of one of rich old man Jonathan Glamcock's household employees. Jonathan only has 9 days left to live and he is willing to leave his entire fortune to the houseboy who proves to be the most dutiful.

Human Flavor 3d box 1.png

Drag Show

Card • Point Collection • Drinking Game
Art by Stan Yan


Super Easy • 2-4 players


Drag Show is simple, down and dirty.  The premise: each player is trying to put on the best drag show performance possible while doing malicious acts to their opponents. The player who earns the most GLAM wins!

Human Flavor

Worker Placement • Action Selection • Asymmetric Player Powers


Light-Med difficulty •
2-6 players


Lead your clan of supernatural beings in a feeding frenzy upon hapless, nameless humans. The more allies you recruit, the more people you devour the more control your gain of the city!

Starship Crewpers 3d box TOP.png

Starship Crewpers

Polyomino Puzzles 

Worker Placement

Art by Angela Schmer

Light • 1-8+ players


Share a bag full of custom meeples as the crew of your starship. Take turns drawing them and placing them in custom, hollowed-out polyomino tile in order to complete puzzle-like missions.

3d 7 sign box top_edited.png

7 Sign Circle

Trick-Taking • Rummy • Blackjack


Casual difficulty •
2-6 players


This deck of round cards has 8 "suits", one for each of the holy signMarks from the Living Empires fantasy setting.

Play fun twists on traditional card games where the suits have a fluctuating relationship with each other. Scoring depends upon where your signMark is on the circle.

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