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Herein you shall be transported to the realm where the Living Saga takes place. From its high fantasy origins on the world of Evorstrom with Living Empires to 1,000 years later in modern cityscapes where color is dim and superpowers emerge in Living Metropolis to 1,000 years after that where the Evorstrom galaxy has been colonized in Living Cosmos.

rootPosition chp 1 cover.jpg

Root Position (rough draft as of July 2024)

Living Empires short story

Evorstrom is a world where every living thing be it plant, animal or person, is marked with one of the eight holy signs:  Flame, Wave, Bone, Stone, Leaf, Star, Tone and Wind.

Once every generation or two, a single person is born bearing TWO divine signMarks and is hailed as a messianic saint. Root Position chronicles an era when more than one saint is alive in the world and a new species of winged people has appeared seemingly from nowhere bearing items that allow anyone to use any color of magic!

Will world culture be able to adjust or will all of society crumble? 

 3d cover Anacrusis Grothak.png

Anacrusis (part 4)

Living Empires short story

Before embarking on the epic story, learn a little bit about some of Living Empire’s central characters and the magical world of divine signMarks. In a world where there has only ever been one living dual-signed saint alive at any given time, what happens when there are six? 

In this story we meet, Grothak, the reigning Sultan of the Muuyu'Hadeen, an isolated civilization of stoneDwarves who have dwelled deep in the underbelly of the world for centuries. Grothak's  realm has been besieged by a terrible beast and a few lone survivors must face it all on their own.

DTreks short story cover.png

Galactic Overture (part 1)

Living Cosmos short story

Meet D'Treks Taree, an officer cadet in the Situdel Fleet Academy. D'Treks is NeeKron, a species of large, densely-muscled, heavily-boned people who value naturalistic living in the wilds of their homeworlds.

D'Treks hopes to become a zoologist, but their upbringing as a hunter and the Fleet's need for martially-inclined individuals to help fight the invading aliens is bound to make them a desirable asset to the Tactical Corp and not the life science's Health Division.

NuuOnee short story cover.png

Galactic Overture (part 2)

Living Cosmos short story

Meet Nuu'Onee (pronounced new-AWE-nee), a popular socialite and hob-robber with the famous and influential. Despite their civilian status, Nuu'Onee has made quite a name for themself as a populist for the down-trodden.


What reason could a well-liked, widely-connected V'Shendai attention-monger have for enlisting in the Situdel Fleet? Surely they already benefit from the benefits of having so many citizen connections.

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