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Casual • 30-45 minutes • 3-6 Players • ages 18+(adult)

Game Mechanics: Dice Rolling • Push Your Luck • Action Cards 


HouseBoy is a frisky gay game of chores and adult antics that could all end in a romp, but don't get caught on camera!

With sexy art provided by Chayne Avery and Russ Garcia, Layman Kingsford has designed an original game for the gay community, the likes of which we have never seen before.

Billionaire Jonathan Glamcock loves to staff his palatial homes with hot young studs.  Sadly, the doctor has delivered a dire prognosis that Jonathan only has a short time left to live.  He is willing to leave his entire fortune to the employee who proves to be the best at doing his chores and who is the most faithful to Jonathan's attentions.

However, the boys are young, headstrong and full of….shall we say…fervor.  They may not be able to resist each other but if they get caught, they risk inheriting nothing from Mr. Glamcock!!

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Game play is fast and easy to learn. You play as one of the 6 employees of Jonatahn Glamcock - the Pool Boy, Stable Boy, Garden Boy, Tool Boy, Kitchen Boy or Car Boy. 

On your turn you move to a new room in the mansion and choose to roll custom dice to do your CHORES (put cubes on the board for points) or HOOKUP with one of the other employees (gain new cubes to your stash).

You will roll an increasing number of dice until you choose to stop or the TIRED symbol comes up during chores or you get caught on CAMERA during a hookup.

Action Cards allow you earn bonus points, prevent getting caught on the camera, ignore dice results, take resources from other players and much more.

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