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These silky, 3d-printed meeples with internal magnets average 30mm in height and are 10 mm thick. You'll get one FREE random faceless human meeple for every 5 Clan Supernatural meeples you purchase!


$1.25 each or Full Set of 6 for $6.75


This first series includes:

Infernal Devil: (red)

Undead Zombie: (grey)

Feral Werewolf: (purple)

Celestial Angel: (gold)

Fey Pixie (green)

Mystic Human (blue)


[coming soon!] The Faceless Human meeples are 17mm high and 9 mm thick with a white body with one of the five type icons on their front. They come in 5 flavors:

Fear: (red scream icon)

Life Force: (silver heart icon)

Flesh: (purple meat icon)

Faith: (gold praying hads icon)

Willpower (green lotus icon)

Human Flavor meeps [series 1]

Clan Affiliation
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