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Enlist now to help save the Galaxy

Join the crew of the Situdel galaxy's first capitol ship ever put into service. 

In 1,000 years of colonizing our galaxy, never has alien life, not so much as a microbe, ever been found -- until now and it is hostile! Tens of thousands of lives have been lost and an entire planet devastated. We've never had need for such massive starships nor the war-power installed in it.

Join the Situdel Fleet soon as we travel to the war front. Along the way, we'll need to shore up defenses in other colonies, pacify scared citizens, and recruit an unprecedented number of civilians into service if we are to have any hope of surviving this unparalleled onslaught!

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When you purchase a Patrol Ship package and subscribe to the Starship Crewpers MegaGame, you will be assigned at least one mission (via email) each week. Complete the mission with your team of magnetic meeples, the mission grid and your personal patrol vessel board.

Each mission will require you to assign meeples from your team to form polyomino shapes on the mission grid. Your results will be tabulated and added to the overarching megaGame scenario along with all the results from every other player and patrol ship registered in the Situdel Fleet database. We will all need to work together to maintain stability in the galaxy while continuing to build out the capitol ship so that we are prepared to eventually hit the war front and drive the inscrutable invading aliens out of our stars.

The more missions you undertake the more experience your crewpers will gain. Commendations and promotions will be routinely awarded to valuable ships and crew, eventually leading you to earning command of a bigger ship and taking more command within the ranks of the capitol ship.

NEWS! [March 18, 2024] We have begun very early work on an iOS app that will allow for quick and easy registration of your ship and crew, grant daily (hopefully) mission assignments ad provide simple submission of your daily mission results to the capitol ship.

          Also, we're making the "game" aspects even more interesting. Rather than having a static grid (as depicted above), your patrol kit will come with 4 magnetic, 4-square, grid pieces which will require you to move and rotate them in order to assemble your assigned meeples into the correct polyomino shape for your daily mission.

Lastly, here is a peek at the latest design of the patrol ship mat:

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