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Mana the Maneuvering

A whole new way to make use of your Magic the Gathering® cards and decks. In combination with our mana tokens (of various sizes and styles) PLUS a set of "einstein" 13-sided puzzle pieces, you can play quick casual games with 2-5 players.

Ideal for filling time between longer MtG matches or as a quick pick-up game when there's not time for anything more involved.

This 2-player game pits Magic the Gathering decks (ideally each deck is two-colored) against each other in an attempt to move the deck's colored mana tokens into positions of adjacency to attack the other player. Spell cards are discarded from hand, but to add more than one spell to the combat you will need to discard your tokens from the board. The winner of a combat is the player who played the highest total mana cost in spell cards. First player to win 3 combats wins the game!

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Currently available in JUMBO size with weighted mana tokens.

Medium and Micro sets coming soon!

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