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These 3d-printed magnet icons depict the seven sacred chakras believed to be central energy points in the human body The black meeple-shaped core of these magnets has a cosmic sparkle embedded in the mateiral and two magnets reside internally. They 2 inches tall and half an inch thick.


$2.95 each or Full Set (7) for $18


Root: (red) the chakra of physical identity, grounding and stability

Sacral: (orange) the chakra of creativity, pleasure and sexuality

Solar Plexus: (yellow) the chakra of self-esteem and confidence

Heart (green): the chakra of love and compassion

Throat: (blue) the chakra of communication

Third Eye (purple): the chakra of intuition and imagination

Crown (pink): the chakra of awareness and intelligence

Chakra Magnets

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