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These 3d-printed magnet PAIRS depict the eight elemental symbols and mythical dragon of life and magic in the fictional world of Evorstrom - the fantasy setting of Living Empires. The black base has a cosmic sparkle embedded in the mateiral with siilky. The symbols average around 3 inches in diameter and the dragons average 1.25 inches in diameter.


$2.75 for each PIARING or Full Set (8 pairs) for $19.95


Flame: (orange) the magic of heat and cold

Tone: (grey) the magic of sound and vibration and sense of hearing

Wave: (blue) the magic of water and liquids

Star: (yellow) the magic of light and electricity and sense of sight

Tree (green): the magic of flora and medicinal healing

Wind (purple): the magic of air, gases, and sense of smell

Stone (brown): the magic of minerals and metals

Bone (white/ivory): the magic of phsyical bodies (animals & people) and healing injuries and sense of touch

signMark DRAGON magnets

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