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Starship Academy is a gateway game where you assume the role of a Fleet Cadet who has entered the Academy for training to serve aboard one of the elite starships of the galaxy.

Each player will need to complete all 35 exams and whoever graduates with the highest G.P.A. (score) is awarded the title of Best in Class!

Cadets roll their own set of polyhedral dice and will take turns assigning the dice results to one of five available exams. However, you're not always operating at your best. Sometimes you will be ADDING a dice result to an exam score (thus increasing its value for other payers) and sometimes you will be SUBTRACTING your result!

Game Info: 1-5 players, 20-30 minutes, ages 10 and up


1 set of Standard Polyhedral Dice (d4, d6, d8, d10 and d12)
1 Report Card per player
35 Exam Cards
7 Classroom Sheets (version 3 with round tracker)
8 Unique Tokens per player (these can be coins, candies, grains of rice or colored bits you've taken from some other game)


DEMO Video


This product is inspired by our work on the primary Living Starship game and was used to enter a design contest at Board Game Geek.

Starship Academy Roll & Write (light)

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