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Turn your kitcen fridge or your school locker into a gaming surface all while taking our unique magnet games on a test drive to help us polish the final product with your feedback!


With this games bundl (powered by our unique magneMeeps products) you get an original abstract strategy game called Meeple Maneuver + the tools to play variations on Tic Tac Toe games + a Starship Crewpers Mega Game Patrol ship set all in one!


The kit comes with three sets of six meeples, each in a different color scheme; each set contains:

  • 3 striped and 3 solid-colored Limited edition magneMeeps
  • 5 magnetic grids that create the game tableau
  • 7 Enlisted Starship Crew magneMeeps (1 in each Service Division color)
  • 2 Starship Cadet magneMeeps (1 enlisted crew + 1 commissioned officer)
  • 1 Random Starship Officer magneMeep
  • 5 Ship Damage magnets
  • 1 Patrol Ship printout (full color prototype)
  • 10 Character Dossier cards (full color prototype printouts with card sleeves)


For those that choose to participate in the shakedown cruise of our Starship Narrative Saga & Mega Game play test, you will be granted access to regular mission assignments and debriefings as well as opportunities to provide valuable feedback.

MagneMeeps Games Bundle (prototype)

SKU: bundle001
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