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New Year New Dingo

Well, now that we have a fresh new year and a fresh new government (here in the U.S.), it's time to celebrate the fresh new Cheeky Dingo website.

The software we had been using for years had not been updated since 2017 and was woefully inadequate for contemporary needs. This new website has a proper shopping cart, a blog page, interactive chat and member management and more goodies to come, I suspect.

2021 is the year we will be completing the Living Starship game. It will run as a subscription game utilizing custom dice with roll & write, card customization and worker placement as its primary mechanics.

At the same time, we are fleshing out the entire Living Saga series (Empires and Metropolis) so as to keep certain threads of theme and gameplay throughout the full endeavor.

Other things continue to be in the works as well - such as a revamping of Dog Walker and regular gameplay content on YouTube. The YouTube channel plans to feature gameplay of some of our favorite games (not just ones that are the "new hotness") along side showcasing and play testing our own game projects.

So cheers to a New Year!

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