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Human Flavor is getting tasty!

This board game has been getting a good amount of table time in the past couple months and is starting to really take shape.

The new Agenda method that was tested for the first time gave the players PUBLIC scoring opportunities each round. Private Agendas were removed entirely and one of the returning testers found the scoring to be much less confusing than previous itereations where all the agendas were PRIVATE.

The board continues to evolve and get more streamlined. One small detail that I was reminded to add by Ryan, one of the other designers at this week's event, was to highlight the 5's and 10's on the score track around the perimeter of the baord - it makes it much easier to read and parse the numbers from a distance.

Also, the score track will now be longer and take up the entire outer edge, though irnically, scoring might now end up being lower than it was before. To be fair though, we did not play a full 6 round game.

And, oh yeah, I think we'll try limiting the game to 6 rouds. All players will get a new worker meeple automatically every round (they start with 2). Also, humans will be captured directly from the city locations rather than from their own worker placement spaces. All of this brings greater focus to the players interacting with the "city" itself and streamlines decision points. (more on this later).

On a side note, the new clan t-shirts I designed turned out SUPER COOL! They feel great and are full of vibrant colors and clear printing. Love 'em, Love 'em, Love 'em!

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