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Living Starship is COMING!!!

So the big news of 2022 is that the Living Starship novels, specifically Book 1, Inquiry's Aria, will be completed and available by the end of the year. Subscribers will have sneak-peek access to the story, the setting and the characters.

One thing I realized, as I was putting polishing touches on the first two chapters, is that I need to have a concrete layout of the main ship in the story, the Situdel Fleet Starship Noisy Noon. I want to make sure that I avoid as many innacuracies as possible, like describing sickbay being on deck 2 in one chapter and on deck 3 in a different chapter.

So.....I have been spending the week making a detailed map of the four decks of the ship and have been having a blast. It's so much fun creating the layout and deciding where each character's quarters are, where the bathrooms beed to be and making sure that all the departments, all 36, have places to do their work.

Here is a first look at the deckplans (a work in progress, obviously).

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