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Human Flavor game coming in 2023

There had been the inkling of a nation of an idea that had been simmering in the back of my head for a long time. Could I develop a game that pitted angels vs. demons vs. lycanthropes vs. fairies and more?

Turns out the answer is YES! As we were watching the new Interview With a Vampire series the concept came bubbling back up in my mind. We had recently been playing a fair amount of Flamecraft, probably my favorite new game of 2022, and I thought it would be cool to design a supernatural-themed game that played rather like Flamecraft. I also really love Res Arcana, so I started to put the two concepts together and wah-la!

This may be the fastest turnaround time from concept to full prototype on the table of any game I've ever done. Within 2 weeks I had cobbled the game together, hammered out some dents with play testing (solo, duo and with 4 people) and generated a boat load of art assets as place holders with MidJourney AI.

The next step is to get it onto Tabletop Simulator and get more people play testing it to really tune it up. Then I suppose we take it to crowd funding.....

Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, check out further details HERE.

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