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The game plays quickly and is very easy to learn. It is made of a deck of 98 hexagonal cards of 7 suits (one for each Division in the Fleet: AgencyEngineeringFlightHealthOperationsScience and Tactical) and each suit has 14 cards - 7 Officers and 7 Enlisted.

The object of the game is to collect the most JOB tokens by playing the highest rank card from your hand. Once all the job tokens have been claimed, points are totaled and a new job starts with one additional token added to the set.

The deck is also has 7 SETBACK cards in it. When one is drawn all the unclaimed tokens of one color are removed from the job. If there are none to remove, the job is over. The game ends immediately when the 7th Setback card is drawn.

Click HERE to download the rules.

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