Living Starship

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Living Starship™ is an epic, multi-platform and ongoing experience that is part legacy-style tabletop gaming, part mobile match-3 gaming, part story-telling and part live action interactive play fueled by you. Inspired by elements of board games, our favorite sci-fi and fantasy entertainment, a passion for shared story-telling and a tidbit of LARP (live-action-role-playing), Layman Kingsford and Cheeky Dingo Entertainment have embarked on an interactive project unlike anything else.

We are creating a shared cosmos in which writers of fan fiction have an “official” outlet for their desire to scribe meaningful stories.  We wanted a tabletop and a digital game experience that captures the intricacies  of managing a starship and it’s crew in a way that we have not seen in any other sic-fi game.

What we have come up with is a rich digital game that utilizes the elegant and familiar simplicity of match-3 game play to provide you with the experience of managing the crew members onboard an ever-increasing fleet of starships in an expansive cosmos.

In addition there is the tabletop game that co-operatively brings 1-8 players onboard the C.F.S. Noisy Noon to keep their assigned space sector’s economy, society and politics flowing smoothly. The 22 crew (meeple) ship is operated via worker placement and dice-rolling mechanics in legacy-style meaning that the things that happen to your version of the vessel are permanent and make each copy of the game a unique experience.

If you choose to do so, you can also write the stories of your game experiences, flesh out the crew and officers as characters and possibly even help design the emerging shared universe of the game.

In addition, we plan to have live-action game play at conventions and at local bars. These events will allow you to partake, in real time, in life aboard a Citadel Fleet vessel and help work through central plot developments that will impact the overall saga for years to come

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