Living Starship

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Living Starship™ is an epic, multi-platform and ongoing experience that is part legacy-style tabletop gaming, part mobile match-3 gaming, part story-telling and part live action interactive play fueled by you. Inspired by elements of board games, our favorite sci-fi entertainment, a passion for shared story-telling and a tidbit of LARP (live-action-role-playing), Layman Kingsford and Cheeky Dingo Entertainment have embarked on an interactive project unlike anything else.

3-7 Players  •  ages 10+  •  15-60 minutes

RANKaree is a casual, stand-alone card game that utilizes the rank insignia and the seven divisions of Fleet service to emblazon each card. The game is easy to learn and quick to play.

In the Citadel Fleet officers and enlisted crew do not always work well together. Civilians enlist in the service in order to earn their citizenship. They often resent the “easy living” that citizens have throughout the galaxy. Citizens that join the Fleet are automatically commissioned as officers and they tend to look down upon civilians as slackardly, unsophisticated roustabouts.

Onboard starships and space bases there is no shortage of work needed to be done. Enlisted crew outnumber officers roughly 7 to 1. It’s not uncommon for officers to let enlisted crew bear the brunt of the work then swoop in and take the credit for completed jobs.

Each player in RANKaree represents the captain of a Citadel Fleet ship who must assign their crew to missions. The player whose crew has done the most work by the end of the game is the winner and the Admiralty will shower them with commendations.

1-4 Players  •  ages 12+  •  20-45 minutes

Academy Preludes is a dice-drafting/worker-placement game where you train Citadel Fleet cadets to become full-fledged crew for your starship. 

Each cadet starts with a motivation attribute that represents why they are seeking to joint the Fleet. This motivation will likely shift as you navigate the cultural clash of the Academy, are exposed to different ways of thinking and experience the indoctrination process.

Each cadet must pass at least one exam in each of the seven Divisions of Service in order graduate. There are special honors for those who graduate in a timely fashion.

If you play enough Academy Preludes games in order to train all the characters included in the Space Opera box, you will have a unique and customized crew different from anyone else’s version of the game.

1-4 Players  •  ages 12+  •  20-45 minutes

Rise to Command is a co-operative dice-rolling game where you take your freshly-graduated crew from Academy Preludes and give them work experience.

Not every crewper is cut out to be a captain and ships only have positions available for a specific range of ranks. The thinking is that it benefits the Fleet in general and each crewper in specific, if less-experienced crew are guided by the more seasoned among them.

Rise to Command portrays the knowledge gained from each crewper’s time in service and the accolades and promotions they gain while stationed on other ships and bases before being assigned to your ship in Legacy Missions.

1-8 Players  •  ages 14+  •  60-120 minutes

Legacy Missions is a co-operative board game where players manage the entire crew of a starship. Your job is to complete the missions assigned by Citadel Fleet Command. 

Missions will range from providing protection to denizens of the galaxy, exploring new regions of space, terraforming planets, researching science and technology and proffering administrative support to local governments.

Your experience with Legacy Missions will be an ongoing one. The story does not end with the contents of this Space Opera box. Depending on the choices your crew makes and the results of their missions, your current and future journeys will be significantly different from everyone else’s.

Crew members may die, be transferred, resign their commission, retire or even join the dissidents. It’s possible that your lowliest ensign in this game will become the renowned captain of a massive dreadnaught one day.

As with all legacy/campaign-style games, the choices you make alter elements in your game, often permanently and sometimes irreparably. 


Live-Action Convention Play

We set up a booth at conventions where you can, in mere minutes, have a complete Living Starship experience. You will take a raw cadet and train them in Academy Preludes, then rank them up in Rise to Command and then post them to a massive dreadnaught starship and enter them into an ongoing story in Legacy Missions.

Players will be issued a cadet card on which they will add stickers as the character becomes defined throughout the game. You can record your Academy class results on the back of the card. You will likely suffer injuries and stress during your time onboard, but you can get those taken care of in lieu of rolling some of your dice.

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