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We are starting preliminary design work on the first ElfQuest Adventure Game expansion (working title - “Sorrow’s End) and need your help in choosing which characters appear as fully playable cards in the set.

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We have uploaded a new version of the ElfQuest Adventure Game rule book HERE as a downloadable PDF.

We’ve added a quick reference guide HERE that highlights the basic rules and gameplay.

Drat, at least one typo made its way through the print run.

Summer card correcton

There was one card accidentally excluded from the Kickstarter exclusive Print-and-Play file of the ElfQuest Adventure Game. You can download it HERE.

The final version of the rule book is available for download HERE. This is the version that has been sent of the to manufacturer and is what will be included inside the game box.

The updated rulebook for the ElfQuest Adventure game is now downloadable in PDF format HERE.


The Kickstarter campaign to fund a print run of the game was a tremendous success. We want to say THANK YOU to all the backers who supported it and to all the fans who went out of their way to promote it and spread the word.

Now the real work of getting it manufactured and shipped begins. We will keep you posted here, on Facebook, and through the Kickstarter page on relevant progress.

For those of you who backed the project at the $100 level (Ancestral/Tribal Progenitor) and are getting your name emblazoned on one of the character cards, click HERE to view a full listing of available choices.

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The complete rule booklet for the ElfQuest Adventure Card Game is now available for download HERE.

ALL entries below refer to the BOARD game version which has now been sidelined in favor of the CARD game.


As Wendy Pini herself has mentioned, the imagery of Cutter putting a notch into a tree with his sword is suc a powerful and evocative visual to depict the passage of time that we have chosen to use it in the ElfQuest game.  

Players have 21 "seasons" (turns) in which to accomplish their questing across the World of Two Moons to discover and save the lost Palace of the High Ones.

EQ 4 Seasons


Here is a description of the new Quest card layout that has allowed for a tremendous amount of simplification in how information is presented to the player, removed the need for a seperate set of printed mats to show dice requirements for each kind of task AND opened up new ways to use some skill and item cards!


The last type of card in the game are the QUEST cards.  These cards are revelaed four at a time and all four must be completed before drawing four more.  In the base set of the game there are four different decks (zones) of Quest cards representing the various stages of the original story: The New Journey deck, the Blue Mountain deck, the Palace Expedition deck and the final stage - the Troll War deck.

Since it's tax day here in the USA, we thought we'd get away from itemized deductions and take a look at just plain ITEM cards in the ElfQuest game.  They work in the same way as Skills in that some items provide additional capability cubes and/or life points and usually have an ability or effect usable by the charcter to whom it belongs.

Questing across the World of Two Moons and maintaining the prosperity of the home (be it Holt or Sun Village) would be challenging without learing skills to cope with events as they arise.

In the game, most characters will begin with one or more skill cards.  
Learning tasks undertaken during the game allow your elf to gain new skills - maybe learning a new use of their levitation magic or gaining a degree of bravery from having faced the challenges of fighting trolls.

Now let's take a gander at ALLY cards.  Some characters, like the Wolfriders, will start the game with an Ally card (their wolf friend).  Additional allies can be earned during the game by completing specific Quest cards or by turning in Tribe tokens that have been earned from mating tasks.

Card explanations

Here is a breakdown of the anatomy of the character card for ElfQuest the Adventure Game.  Artwork and text details are not final, but this is the working version of Redlance, everyone's favorite tree-bending Wolfrider.

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