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Galactic Information

Some basic information and details about life within the Baschun Galaxy including measurements of time, language, history, politics, science, language and nomenclature.

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Galactic Calendar & Time Measurement

The system of dates and time have various standards of measurement in each sector of space and in each solar system according to the rotation and revolution of planets around their local solar bodies. There is a "Galactic Standard" that is used to create symmetric time and date comparisons across the vast distances so that the interlinked societies of all the colonies. This is the most common standard of time measurement upon starships and unanchored stations.

10 months per galactic YEAR

5 weeks per MONTH

5 days per WEEK

20 hours per DAY

50 minutes per HOUR

100 seconds per MINUTE

Month 1  Ifriton
Month 2  Silfon
Month 3  Driiadon
Month 4  Siirenon
Month5  Nimfon
Month 6  Nixon
Month 7  Pixon
Month 8  Golemon
Month 9  Jinon
Month 10 Guulon



Planet and Moon

Baschun Colonies

The Baschun Parliament is always questing for new planets to terraform in order to provide new living space for their ever-growing population. Because each species is genetically linked to their own specific food, most planets that are viable candidates for terraforming will only be suitable for one species if even that.

Colonial Nomenclature

Only 1 in 3 planets discovered to be viable for the terraforming process actually prove to be suitable for the biology of one of the 52 Baschun species. It is not uncommon that multiple bodies within a star system can be terraformed for a singular species. Many star systems even work for multiple species, though not on the same planet or moon, of course.

So far in the 500 years of colonization beyond the Baschun home system, no species has more than six terraformed colonies, though there are innumerable stations and outposts throughout the galaxy dedicated to singular habitats of any given species.

Every colony is named after the species (genome) that hosts it. The first terraformed settlement, regardless of whether it is a planet or moon, is designated as PRIME. for example: Driidanz Prime, a large predominantly arboreal planet, is the first colony of the Driidanz people. ZIFR is a term appellate to a planet that is livable (meaning having an oxygen atmosphere and suitable gravity) that failed to terraform with the biology usable by any species. These often become havens for separatists, pirates and rogues.

1st Colony = [ genome name or variant ] PRIME

2nd Colony = [ genome name or variant ] SEGUN

3rd Colony = [ genome name or variant ] TREDJ

4th Colony = [ genome name or variant ] RABA

4th Colony = [ genome name or variant ] SEGUN

5th Colony = [ genome name or variant ] BOOZGAR

6th Colony = [ genome name or variant ] SEZTI

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