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Selected Species of the Situdel Galaxy

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Character art by Angela Schmer © 2016 Cheeky Dingo Games

All civilizations in the Baschun Galaxy originate from one planet, Evorstrom. 1,000 years ago a mass colonization effort by the inhabitants of this planet began as they rapidly outgrew Evorstrom’s ability to support the population.


The people of Evorstrom all evolved from one of two animals on the cradle world- primates and ungulates. They evolved into distinct species of people who populated the world - humanoids (humans, elves and dwarves) and goblinoids (goblins, trolls and ogres).  

A millennia later, at the opening of the Living Cosmos saga, what became the commonplace interbreeding of those ancient peoples during the Living Metropolis era is distant history. Through numerous stages of eugenics and genetic tinkering, 54 distinct genomes of people left the Evorstrom solar system to colonize the galaxy. Remaining behind in the original star system are the enigmatic caretakers - the Evor Danteen. They populate the “Hub” of civilization, a massive set of interlocking ring worlds called Baschun which was built out of the deconstructed pieces of the home planet and its solar system and parsed into the bones of the ring world chain that occupies what was once the orbital path of Evorstrom.

Bringing further diversity in the Baschun Galaxy are the Artificially Intelligent bio-mechanoids. Their ancestors were the mechanical workforce placed on planets to terraform them for colonization by one of the 54 species. For indecipherable reasons 400 years ago, a group of these mechanical devices gained sentience and sued for recognition as full members of the Baschun Colonial Government.  A devastating war ensued resulting in the A.I. people self-governing from their home planet Lubari where they had evolved into “lifeforms”. To this day relations are delicate between the Baschun and the Lubari.

The greatest impact the war had on civilization was that the utilization of artificial intelligence to operate digital systems or to enhance a living body is now HIGHLY regulated and allowable in emergency situations only. This caused a fundamental shift in economy and space travel as large vessels could no longer be crewed by small numbers of people but had to have larger crews in order to regulate, monitor and activate all of a ship’s systems efficiently and safely (and legally). The fear of giving rise to new A.I. is so strong most every Baschun culture has deeply rooted customs denigrating physical or mental enhancements through technology.

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Galactic Species
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