HouseBoy - a frisky gay game of chores and adult antics that could all end in a romp, but don't get caught on camera!

With sexy art provided by Chayne Avery and Russ Garcia, Layman Kingsford has designed an original game for the gay community, the likes of which we have never seen before.

Billionaire Jonathan Glamcock loves to staff his palatial homes with hot young studs.  Sadly, the doctor has delivered a dire prognosis that Jonathan only has a short time left to live.  He is willing to leave his entire fortune to the employee who proves to be the best at doing his chores and who is the most faithful to Jonathan's attentions.

However, the boys are young, headstrong and full of….shal we say…fervor.  They are not be able to resist each other but if they get caught, they risk inheriting nothing from Mr. Glamcock!!

Play the game that was too hot for iTunes!!

Two print versions of the game are available: try out the Party Game Box that includes a full HouseBoy-themed poker deck with 2 new suits on top of it!  Or you can play the full Board Game (coming to Kickstarter June 2019) which is much more traditional in styling and is sure to bring out new levels of fun after your next dinner party!

Take a gander at the new 3rd edition rules HERE.

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