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NEW development!!!!!
We are currently fashioning a Legacy-style version of this game utilizing classic deck-building mechanics. The theme will depict the mythological origin story of the signs in the world of Evorstrom when there was a contest between 6 dual-signed demigods, Scions, to mark the every living thing in the world with their signs and become the Prime Scion.

The idea is that all the cards start out un-aspected, un-signed, meaning there are no Flame sign cards, Wave Sign cards, etc) Players will each use 1 of 6 dual-signed characters to play 20-40 deck-building games where they will gradually Imbue the 132 cards with their signs in a quest to become the Prime Scion.

By the time you have completed all your games you will have constructed your own UNIQUE variation of the deck of 7 Sign Scion cards with which you can then use to play all of those games (see below).

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Pulled from the lore of Evorstrom, the fictional setting of Living Empires and Living Starship, this oracular deck of signs cards was part of life for the sign-marked denizens of that planet. Now it comes to you as a collection of card games that run the whole gamut of play styles, with more being thought up all the time.

The game has 121 cards of 11 Signs (suits) with 11 cards of each Sign. The object of the game is to have the highest score at the end of 7 games. The eleven signs are: Bone, Blood, Star, Wave, Wind, Tone, Stone, Flame, Spirit, Dream, and Tree.

So far there is a rummy-style game, a fully cooperative game, a set-collecting game, a deck-building game and a trick-taking game. Keep an eye on the this website for additions and updates. And please feel free to submit your game variations to us!

Click HERE to download a PDF of the basic rules.

Click HERE to download PDFs of the cards, card “tokens” (the small cards) and rules on DriveThruCards. These are “print-and-play” which means you’ll need to print out the files and then cut out the cards.

If you want a playmat, here is an 8 inch square graphic of the circle (click on the image for the full resolution version)
It is also included in the PDF rule book above.

sign circle MAT

The full version is available in The Game Crafter store. This is a boxed version of the game with all the cards plus chip board “punch out” tokens. Because it is produced Print-on-demand, it can’t be sold at the same price as if a large print run had been done.

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