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Living Empires Games

There are several games, some completed some in development, based in the fantasy setting of Living Empires. There are tabletop board and card games along with a live interactive game show experience held every week in Denver, Colorado.

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Layman Kingsford has tinkered with developing their own RPG system for decades. In fact, the origins of all things Living Saga began as a non-heroic rpg system called "Living Chalfanor" and was play tested a few times at Denver gaming conventions to mild success and moderate interest. Over the years there have been at least a half dozen other iterations but now...we are on the road to putting together something super satisfying to our role-playing interests. Hopefully some of you will peek in and let us know what you think.

Also, stay tuned to the Tabletop Gaymers Twitch channel where we will showcase this WORK IN PROGRESS and get you to help in the creative process - a cartable peek under the pages of how an rpg is developed, so to speak.

Click on the Criterion logo above for a PDF (Work in Progress) copy of what we are cobbling together. Keep in mind this is in VERY EARLY stages and little to no effort has been put toward design and layout, let alone editing.

UPDATES (what has been added or altered)

April 4, 2022: Age categories; character archetype bonus attribute & starting skill card allotments;


April 14, 2022: Abstract money system; Hindrances; Resting & Recovery; Dice- favored, unfavored, rolling 1's; magic skills (amount of effect and range details);

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7 Sign Circle is a set of cards based on the Signs of the Evorstrom world. Much like our own traditional playing cards, this deck can be utilized to play numerous different games, but the 12 suits all have fluctuating relationships with each other depending upon the state of the Sign relations on the 7-pointed, circular board.

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