HouseBoy the Webseries

houseboy webseries

Season 1 of HouseBoy the Webseries is planned to be 6 episodes.  Each episode will focus on a different house boy while carrying along the over-arcing plot of the season - what happens when the boys' employer, Jonathan Glamcock, kicks the bucket?  Will he leave his fortune to one of them?

Tanner the Tool Boy, Clint the Stable Boy, Erik the Kitchen Boy, Benji the Garden Boy, Jace the Pool Boy and Milo the Car Boy each have a colorful background and perhaps even a few secrets they don't want to share with the others.

Each episode will also culminate in an extra-exciting fashion.  You might bear witness to a rooftop superhero fight-turned-tango, a Scooby-style chase and a western showdown of geeky epicness!

Stay tuned!


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