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Where the classically-trained musicians of Prismati, an instrumental pop music band, get to indulge all their geeky passions from sic fi to fantasy to super heroes to gaming on YouTube.

Prismati Tube art

Episode 1: Bending Cards Against Prismati
Wherein Danny, Jim and Lauren discuss the forms of elemental bending as seen in Avatar and The Legend of Korra. Then they play a round of Cards Against Prismati.

Episode 2: Not All Elves are Munchkins
Wherein Jim, Lauren and Luke discuss all things elvish and then play a bit of modified Munchkin, the classic Steve Jackson game.

Episode 3: Sci Fi Santa
Wherein Breana, Jim and Luke discuss various hypothetical science fiction treatments of Santa Clause and then play a word game that gets kind of dirty.

 Episode 4: A Peek Under the Capes 
A bit of behind-the-scenes look at the wackiness that took place during the filming of their superhero parody music video, Capes Are Movin set to Meghan TrainorLips Are Movin’”.

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