We have several webseries in development at this time.  Our intent is to bring quality video projects to you with all the entertainment, wit and talent that we have at our disposal.

Currently, our projects are focusing on the LGBT genre, though we may do a reality series in conjunction with DanzArtz studios and follow the progress of several couples as they prepare for their wedding dance.

Gayme Queens logo2

Game Queens (coming soon,! 2017)

The Gay Misadventures are intended to be very brief little video skits following the exploits of three friends - Jim, Julie and Jon - and why everything crazy and silly and frightening in their lives gets blamed on Jim.  This series is meant to explore all the various aspects of urban gay life in the modern era. (production on hold)

The Stonewall Contender Fitness Challenge is a web series meant to bring proper instruction to getting the LGBT mind, body and soul healthy.  Industry experts will provide professional instruction and then contestants will be pitted against each other to use their new-found skills in ways you can't even begin to predict! (production on hold)

HouseBoy Season 1 is planned to be a 6 episode arc with one episode focusing prominently on each house boy's personal story. The season will also explore what is to befall all of them when Jonathan Glamcock, their billionaire employer, dies. (production on hold)

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