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ElfQuest® Adventure Game

EQ Starter cover

This cooperative game for 1-4 players delivers all the wonder, passion, danger, compassion and betrayal of the original best-selling saga. It features the breathtaking artwork of Wendy Pini interwoven with the imaginative game design of Layman Kingsford. You will stretch your gaming and social skills as you interact with the extraordinary realm of Elfquest as you've never seen it before!

Price: $30 (USA) / $55 (worldwide)


Button Board

Living Starship™  Rank Insignia

These 2 inch, round, magnetic clothing pins are printed with the enlisted CADET insignia and are from the limited edition 2016 Denver Comic Con set. Each pin insignia comes with one vinyl sticker of a rank of your choice.

Price: $5.00 each (includes US shipping)


HouseBoy the Board Game™ (3rd edition)

Coming to Kickstarter this June….just in time for PRIDE season!

Drag Show the Contentious Drinking Game™

Drag Show is simple, down and dirty.  The premise is that each player is trying to put on the best drag show performance possible while doing malicious acts to their opponents to keep them from garnereing more glam from the audience.

Play a blue Show Move cards to enchance your GLAM score or play a pink Bitch Move card to foul up the other players' game.  Then there is the most insidious method of ensuring your drag dominance.  Play green Drink Cards on the others to get them drunk meaning that they lose GLAM points every turn.

2 - 4 ADULT players


Dog Walker a Family Game™ (1st edition)

DogWalker logo2

Each player is vying to become the best dog walker in the neighborhood. You draw a dog card and spin the income dial to see how much money that dog’s owner is willing to pay you for the walk. As you take each dog around the board (neighborhood), you have the opportunity to let them stop and sniff and to relieve their bladders, but beware! 

Every time your dog stops, all players get to play one action card which can cause you to loose money because the dog might splash in a puddle or get a thorn in its paw! If your dog isn’t returned home in happy condition, you will not earn your full allowance.

2 - 6 players, ages 8 and up

$25.00 United States shipping only.

HouseBoy Box of Party Games

Dice, poker cards, coins and rules for all sorts of games ideal for your party!  The games are simple and easy and coordinate nicley with your favorite adult beverages.  The traditional deck of poker cards has been designed with a unique HouseBoy theme AND there are two additional full suits to add it for some of the games to really make things sizzle!

2 - 4 ADULT players


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