Space Bingo

Space Bingo is a sci-fi twist on traditional pub bingo set in the Living Starship universe. We’ve made it more of a co-operative game experience where all the players participate as the “crew” of a starship and are working to accumulate an entire set of bingos in order to complete the starship’s “mission” and for everyone to win a prize.

The game is comprised of two parts:

PART ONE (Training Round) gives each player a bingo sheet with 7 sections, one for each service division in the Citadel Space Fleet. The section that you get your first bingo in designates your role onboard the ship for the mission (part 2).

Training Sheets vertical

Part one also determines who will be serving as an officer onboard the ship and who are the enlisted crew. The first few players to get a bingo become the officers (roughly 1 in 7 players). Part 1 continues until most everyone has achieved at least one bingo. 

If a player earns additional bingo their rank is increased and they are awarded addition bingo sheets in part 2 and are given “free space” tokens that are usable on any player’s sheet during part 2. 

The bingo sheets in part 1 are have numbers from 1-50 rather than the traditional 1-75.

PART TWO (Mission Round)  gives every player a set of 4 SHIFT sheets. There will be 4 rounds of play in part 2 and only 1 shift sheet may be used each round. If you earned additional shift sheet in your division’s color you may use them during any of the 4 rounds.

Part 2 will have a set number of bingo and bingo types that need to be completed in each division (color) by the end of the 4 rounds in order for the players to win.

The bingo call deck is seeded with a certain number of “clock timer” cards and when the final one is drawn the round ends.

Players’ “free space” tokens can be used on anybody’s bingo sheets, not just your own. It behooves the group to coordinate who is working toward what bingos in order to maximize the chances of the entire group to win.

Mission Board example

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