Rolling Alnite

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Since we are all stuck at home (thank you pandemic), we have developed a simple Roll & Write game featuring the Alnite drag personalities.

The theme is to fill out as many of the sections as possible (earning a geometric shape) to flesh out a drag persona on the figure at the bottom of the sheet. Your score improves the more shapes you have that match each other.

Any number of players can play this game simultaneously. Each player needs 4 standard dice (6-sided) and a copy of the sheet to fill out. You can download the image of the sheet and load it into Google’s JamBoard where you can mark it up as needed.

We will be doing some live streaming of the game where players can join us and chat while they all play along.

Right-click on the image below to download the player sheet (as a jpg) or use this LINK to get it as a PDF. If you are printing it out, keep in mind this sheet is set up to be 11x17 inches but your printer should be able to resize it to standard paper.

Images En Español:   jpg   PDF

If you don’t have access to a printer, you can use any digital app or software that allows you to draw on/mark up images (such as Adobe Reader, Mac Pages, MS Publisher, picture editors on your smart phone, etc.)

How to Play

Each player needs 1 sheet and 4 dice (though dice can be shared, if needed).
The game is played over 9 rounds. 

Everyone rolls all their dice simultaneously each round and assigns the result of each dice to ONE section of their sheet. Each die may only be used once (unless activating one of Weird Al’s bonuses).

Each section has an assignment limit of one or two dice per round.

Scoring: At the end of round 9, everyone draws the symbol (circle, square, diamond, etc) earned from each section (if they completed a component of that section) onto the drag body at the bottom of the sheet. The more matching symbols you have, the better your score will be.

Rolling Alnite board

Player Sheet Section Clarifications

Rayven section

Rayven Alnite

The Mother and originator of Haus Alnite is a master of wig design and will help make your hair special (and probably make it huge, too!).

In Rayven’s section you must place numbers on the bottom first before assigning numbers higher up a column.

Each number you stack on top of another number must be larger than the one below it. It is best to put a 1 or 2 on the bottom of the column you want to fill.

Brock section

Brock N. Alnite

As daddy and producer of Haus Alnite, Brock N. Tends to be the mouthpiece and emcee for the group. As such, he is here to help your drag person get comfy on the microphone in front of an audience.

In Brock’s section you must subtract one dice result from another (to a minimum of zero). You then may cross out 1 segment (starting with one closest to the microphone icon).

Each subsequent use must either start a new line or cross out the next leg of the segment. You may not cross out segments unless they are connected to the microphone or to a segment that has already been marked out.

Lulu section

Lulu Alnite

Lulu is the first-born child of Haus Alnite. She is kooky, dynamic and “STOOPID”. She has become a master of makeup and is here to help you set your drag face.

In Lulu’s section you must subtract the value of one dice roll from one of the numbers at the top of a column.

The goal is to reduce that top number to (or lower than) the number depicted at the bottom of the column.

Sophie section

Sophie Lynn Alnite

Sophie Lynn is the empathic second-born daughter. She constantly feels she lives in her big-sister’s shadow. She has become a master accessorizer and is here to help you find those perfect accent pieces for your outfit.

In Sophie’s section you must use the results of two dice to mark off boxes from left to right. You may not use only one die on a round to fill in a box here.

Manique section

Manique Depressive Alnite

Manique is the third-born daughter and it is said that there was not a whole lot of genetic material left to make her. She has “issues”. You never know whether you’ll be catching her in a manic upswing or a sullen down-slope. So she is here to help you set your mood for your performance.

In Manique’s section you must use two dice in the same round that have the same result. You then mark off both hexes of that number in the same emoji zone.

Jack section

Jack Alnite

One half of the Alnite twins (Jack & Hoff), Jack is a punk rocker at heart. Jack is a master seamster and clothing designer. He is here to help you craft the perfect outfit for your performance.

In Jack’s section you simply mark off one side of a triangle with the matching value of one dice result.

You many only mark off one segment per round.

Connie section

Connie Carlson Alnite (a.k.a. Hoff Alnite)

One half of the Alnite twins (Jack & Hoff), Hoff is the full gender-switching child of the Haus. They delight in bringing out the classics of Broadway and have a fabulous singing voice. Connie-Hoff is also a skilled crafter and can help you make the perfect prop to give your number extra sizzle.

In Connie’s section you must use the results of 2 dice to mark out one box. For example, if you use a 6 and a 3 you would mark out the bottom-left box on the grid.

Shane section

Shane Al Knyte

Shane is the third drag son of the Haus. He is suave, agile and always has a suggestive wink ready for the ladies. He is a mover and shaker and is here to help you get your dance moves groovin' for a show.

In Shane’s section you will use one dice result to fill in one or more mini squares (denoted with dotted lines) within the grid. You may use each shape only once and when one of the geometric icons is full covered, you can add that icon to your drag body for scoring.

Arabica section

Arabica Grindz Alnite

The youngest first-gen child of the Haus is Arabica. She has a drinking problem, a coffee-drinking problem. She is on a mission to replace her circulatory system with light roast java. She also has a taste for booze and is here to help you get your liquid refreshment ready to fortify your performance.

In Arabica’s section you must add two dice results (from the same round) together and use the sum to cross off one box.

Weird Al section

Weird Al Spankab Itch Alnite

The first grandchild of the Haus (at least the first anyone is willing to admit to birthing) is Weird Al. We don’t really ask too many questions of Jack and Shane as to where Weird Al came from. He is young and versatile and is here to help you twist the odds in your favor.

You may place up to 2 dice results in the grid of Weird Al’s section, though they must be placed orthogonally (meaning not diagonally) to each other. The same numbers cannot be placed to the left/right/above/below to each other (though diagonally is okay).

When you place a number you may use the bonus action from EITHER the column or the row of the number you just placed. The bonus may be used at any time (cross it out when used as each icon can only be used once per game).

If you manage to fill in the diagonal you may place a shape icon of your choosing on your drag body in Weird Al’s space during scoring.

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