Living Empires

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nynoSaga is a Legacy-style ongoing Story Boardgame where you get to be both player and potential author of the published story line.

The setting is what we like to call "upscale fantasy", meaning that it adheres to many recognizable high fantasy trappings (such as elves, dwarves, goblins, magic, swords, monsters and castles) but combines it with pseudo steampunk aspects such as guns, vehicles, and industrialization.

The nynoSaga world is being built to be shared and played in by other creative folk be they artists, writers or game designers.  By playing the game you will have the opportunity to write the OFFICIAL story line as the epic progresses.

We hope that an active online community will develop and maintain a strong presence of "what if" story lines in the world, because, of course, only one version of each story can be considered canon.

Current artwork has been provided by Kyle Kelley, Bernadette Durbin and Juli Halbur-Hererra.

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