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All civilizations in the Citadel Galaxy originated from one planet, Evorstrom. 3,000 years ago there began a mass colonization effort by the inhabitants of this planet as they rapidly outgrew Evorstrom’s ability to support the population.

The people of Evorstrom all evolved from one of two ancient animal types on the planet - primates and ungulates. They evolved into distinct races of people who populated the world in the Living Empires era - humanoids (humans, elves and dwarves) and goblinoids (goblins, trolls and ogres). In rare instances, members of the two different species produced hybrid offspring from interbreeding. 

Three millennia later at the opening of the Living Starship saga, what became the commonplace interbreeding of those ancient peoples is shadowy history. Through numerous stages of eugenics and genetic tinkering 54 distinct races of people left Evorstrom and colonized the galaxy. Remaining behind in the original star system are the enigmatic caretakers - the Evor Danteen. They populate the “Hub” of the Confederacy, a massive space station called the Citadel which was built out of the obliterated pieces of the home planet and parsed into the bones of the station that occupies what was once the ENTIRE orbital path of Evorstrom.

Bringing racial diversity in the Citadel Galaxy to a total of 55 varieties are a race of Artificially Intelligent bio-mechanoids. Their ancestors were the mechanical work force left on planets to terraformed them for one of the other races. For unexplainable reasons 400 years ago, a group of these mechanical devices gained sentience and sued for recognition as full members of the Confederacy. A devastating war ensued resulting in the formation of the A.I. peoples as a separate civilization and government on the planet Lubari where they had found their “life”. To this day relations are delicate between the Citadel and the Lubari. 

The greatest impact the war had on civilization was that the networking of digital systems is now HIGHLY regulated and is allowable in only most dire and emergency situations. This caused a fundamental shift in economy and space travel as large vessels could no longer be crewed by a handful of people but had to have large crew in order to regulate, monitor and activate all of a ship’s systems efficiently and safely (and legally). The fear of giving rise to new A.I. is so strong in every culture that no one even thinks to complain about the ridiculous size of crews, especially on Fleet vessels.

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Race Descriptions

The Chiirto have evolved into an aggressive and antagonistic people. They continually rebel against the authority of the Citadel Parliament and seek independence and freedom from Fleet oversight.

They have a very mystical and warlike culture with an obsession with death. They consider themselves to be the “living dead” and their so-caleld Death-Dream existence is a trance-like state that allows their bodies to endure extreme rigor and punishment.

They have elaborate and intricate rituals to achieve a Death-Dream state and the most revered individuals are those who can maintain it for days at a time. The Death-Dream condition tends to make an individual hostile to any who are not “resonating” with the energy of their trance. They believe this state grants access to a realm where their ancestor’s dwell and blood is the key to permanently opening it.

The Chiirto believe that there is power in blood, therefore it is honorable for it to be spilled as long as the spiller does not waste it but ingests it. They are strict carnivores and look with disdain upon farmers, crops and even engineered livestock. Hunting is of primary importance in their culture.

The Driidanz are a physically imposing race with a peaceful “warrior" tradition.  Driidanz children are taught martial arts from the earliest stages of development in order to make them intimately aware of their physical capabilities and how they need to interact with the other, comparably, delicate races.

Driidanz grow to an average height of 2.1 meters, have thick rough skin, dense bones, bark-like nails and very thickly-packed muscle tissue. Their genetic makeup includes vestigial amounts of plant DNA.

The Driidanz are a race that holds agricultural work, especially non-mechanized techniques, as a valuable ideal and they tend to prefer simple lifestyles. They are prized as ground soldiers by the CoP Fleet Tactical Corp, but Driidanz rarely enlist in that capacity.

Driidanz are only given one unique name (there are no familial surnames). Parents carefully research and craft a name for its meaning, tonal sound and originality.

It is common for Driidanz to decorate their brows (and men’s facial hair areas) with tiny leafy plants.

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