Living Starship is the over-arching umbrella title for the science fiction side of our Living Saga setting. It will include a casual card game - RANKaree, a legacy-style board game - Living Starship, a mobile app game and solo game-story books about individual characters.

Living Starship poster 1

Layman Kingsford and his team have labored to create a fictional universe full of compelling races of people, unique and engaging characters, frightening and indecipherable alien invaders and a plot line that will unfold in unforeseen ways to illuminate mysteries and answer questions that have been lurking for thousands of years in the Citadel galaxy.

Living Starship is an ongoing and evolving story, the details of which will be provided by the fans who contribute to the writing of the story.  Every time the game is played, new chapters will be undertaken.  The choices made by the players and the results of their games will determine the exact outcome of each episode.  Not even we, the creators, know exactly how things will transpire - that’s why we call this a Living Starship game.

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