Living Saga

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Living Saga is our extensive tabletop-digital-social gaming initiative that puts YOU in charge of the story that unfolds in the fictional setting that Layman Kingsford has spent 30+ years creating. 

With the popularity of tabletop gaming and the advent of “legacy-style” games, now is the time to bring you into OUR world and let you experience the unique setting of Living Empire, Living Starship and Living Cosmos (working title).

Tabletop Games

RANKaree  3- 7 players • 15-30 minutes • Competitive hand-management 
A casual card game utilizing the rank insignia from Living Starship where the goal is to gather more mission tokens than your opponents with your officer and enlisted crew cards. Beware, Officers ALWAYS outrank the Enlisted but you can pay to let your Enlisted cards team-up against their egotistical superiors.
STATUS: complete

7 Sign Circle  1- 7 players • 15-60 minutes • Co-operative and Competitive 
A deck of round cards of 11 suits usable in 6+ different games from set-collecting to trick-taking to wagering. The “suits” relate to the Signs (Flame, Tree, Wave, Wind, Dream, etc.) from Living Empires and the ever-changing relationships of the signs to each other is a central theme in all the games created with this deck.
STATUS: complete

Legacy Version: we are developing a version of 7 Sign Circle where the entire deck is blank and through a series of deck-building games you will “imbue” the cards with each of the signs as the 6 mythical Sign demigods vie to dominate the young world of Evorstrom. By the time you are done with all the games, you will have a UNIQUE deck of 7 Sign Circle cards.
STATUS: in development (as of September 2017)

Preludes  1-2 players
An ongoing series of casual, competitive, dice/resource-management games that take you through the Academy training of the characters you can subsequently use to populate your ship in Living Starship.
STATUS: in development (as of May 2018).

Living Starship   1- 8 players • 2-3 hours • LEGACYCo-operative, worker placement, deck-building, resource management 
A medium- to heavy-weight board game where players manage the ENTIRE crew of a Citadel Fleet, corvette-class vessel in an on-going story line that will have hefty and shocking reverberations for the entire galaxy. 

Your version of the ongoing story will evolve into a unique variation, different from anyone else’s, in this massive Legacy game. You choose whether your ship stays as a “ Jack-of-all-trades” or it gets specialized as an exploratory vessel looking for new planets to terraform, a warship to fight against the invading Krukari aliens, or a diplomatic barque to maintain internal peace during these challenging times.

You will gain and lose crew members, your ship will suffer permanent damage and can undergo upgrades, your crew will have measurable impact upon the social, economic, and political welfare of the citizens of the galaxy and will help insure their safety and security. 
STATUS: in development (as of January 2018), full play testing underway weekly in the Denver area. 

Social Games

Space Bingo  10 - hundreds of players • 60-120 minutes 
Taking the ever-popular game of bingo and making it into a cooperative and story-driven public experience with a light Living Starship theme. Perfect for parties, gatherings at your local brewery or for conventions and corporate meetings. All the players participate as the “crew” of a starship and are working to accumulate an entire set of bingos in order to complete the starship’s “mission” and for everyone to win prizes.
STATUS: complete

Fantasy Beer Quest  10 - hundreds of players • 60-120 minutes 
Using elements of 7 Sign Circle and Living Empires to create a light, pub-style game and to highlight breweries’ and distilleries’ tasty concoctions.
STATUS: in development

Starship Mega Game  100 - 1,000+ of players • Convention Weekend Experience 
Putting a dash of LARP (Live Action Role Playing) together with some table top and physical games, we hope to create a weekend-long gaming experience that will play out major plot lines of the ongoing Living Starship saga. 

Digital Games

We plan to have companion apps for Living Starship and 7 Sign Circle, as well as a Match 3-style game of crew and fleet development for Living Starship. Our Life Story Books will also be digital. 

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