Band Camp

Fundraiser for your BAND!

You can have a CUSTOMized set of cards designed featuring the photos of your band members. This is a nice way to create a "yearbook" experience and have a collaborative, interactive and social game product as well.

Cheeky Dingo Games is also willing to partner with your organization to help suppor and promote the musical arts in our schools and communities. You can order copies of the base game along with the customized expansion set featuring your musicians and we will donate 25% of the net profit to your 501 C(3) organization.

Because we use an esteemed print-on-demand game publishing service we can accomodate orders of most any size from a single copy to thousands. Obviously, ordering in bulk reduces the overall printing cost and increases the net gain and maximizes donation value.

Email us HERE if you have questions or would like to set up a design conference to get your own brand of Band Camp the Musical Card Game into production.

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