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We strive to design the best game possibles with the intent to have both digital and traditional print versions of each game.

As the game market develops and the digital realm blossoms, we suspet that the traditional printed board and card games will ultimately be embraced by full digital versions that replicate the experience of printed games, even in live situations like a gathering in your living room.  Imagine your coffee table surface acts as a digital screen and each of your guests' mobile devices interact directly with it as you play all your favorite games.

Because we at Cheeky Dingo Entertainment come from a background of intense gaming, predominantly board games, roleplaying games and card games, each of our current games originates as a printed game.  However, with our software partner, Center Line Software, we are in a position to bring the digital versions to you as well.

We sincerely hope that there remains a market that is able to support the printing of board and card games.  No matter how good digital equipment gets in the next few years, we still love rolling real dice!

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