New game/project info to be released 5-days a week!

We’ve decided to re-commit to keeping you all in the loop of what’s going on here at Cheeky Dingo Entertainment by using this blog (renamed DINGO DAILY DETAIL). Every Monday through Friday we will give you a bite-sized piece of info about at least one of our ongoing projects. 

The bulk of this is currently intended to facilitate the dissemination of “world-building” for both Living Starship and NynoSaga (a.k.a. Living Empires) which will also necessitate input from any of you who have a creative drive to participate in these grand fantasy and sci-fi epics. There will also be some snack-like details about HouseBoy the Board Game 2nd Edition and the official ElfQuest Adventure Game and its expansions.

Without further ado:

Vedon’Rec [Living Starship]
Though Vedon’Rec was the first planet to be successfully terraformed by the Citadel Syndicate it is not the nearest to the mother planet, Evorstrom, in the Citadel galaxy. Established as a livable colony 437 yeas ago, it holds a very powerful position in the Citadel Senate both for it’s legacy as the first colony and for it’s virulent economy. 

As a centrally-located planet, it has become the largest trading hub in the galaxy, and hosts the Citadel Academy in its vicinity. The Prime Fleet Shipyard was relocated from Vedon’Rec to a moon near Fycunn IV in order to spread out the Citadel’s major facilities in the face of ongoing pirate and separatist threats. Unlike many of the newer and more remote colonies, Vedon’Rec’s people are not overly specialized in any one trade, product or service, though vocations in business and economy-related support are quite common as are legal-service workers.

Racial Traits: 
Vedons are generally light-skinned and round-eared and look very similar to Evor Danteen. Ranging in height from 1.5 to 2 meters and with hair colors from browns to blond, all Vedons have swirling green markings on at least some of their skin. Facial hair is currently popular on males.

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