New Game Concept

The most massive project I have ever to attempt is well underway with the game property Living Starship. There exists a precursor game property - Living Empires - that I was mostly keeping on the back burner for now until Living Starship got well underway.


You know that hazy stage in the morning of being partially awake but still somewhat asleep? I tend to get ideas during those times. Today was one of those mornings.

I wondered if I could create a card game where the cards were unfinished and needed stickers to be added to them as part of the results of gameplay. Then I thought, what if these stickers were the Signs (think Zodiac-like suits) from Living Empires (tree, wave, flame, stone, dream, shadow, spirt, bone, etc.)?

Then I thought, what if by the end of a series of games the players had defined all the cards with stickers and ended up with their own unique deck of cards usable with the 7 Sign Circle game?

How cool would that be?!

Then I realized that I have an overflowing plate of things to accomplish in order to stay on track with Rankaree and Living Starship releases. I really shouldn't be dedicating any thought to something else. But...this idea seems really fun, probably is a good marketing hook, and I can't seem to stop thinking about it!

Fine...I'll get out of bed and start putting these loose ideas down on digital "paper" and see if it makes any sense once I've had some coffee.

Stay tuned to see what came up next!

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