Evorstom: The Mother Planet [Living Starship]

The single greatest enigma in the Citadel Galaxy is the Mother Planet - Evorstrom. It is the source of fresh genetic material for all 54 strains of the colonial animal and plant species needed to nutritionally support each race. Since each strain loses its nutritional value within three or four generations, a perpetual system of cargo traffic with Evorstrom is the very flow of life for the entire galaxy.

The Colonial Citadel Congress, the governing body of the galaxy, is rumored to be overseen by a mysterious secret council based on the Mother Planet. Conspiracy theories abound ranging from  "the council are the puppet masters of the Congress” to “the council has been extinct for 1,200 years” to “the council and their agents are everywhere in the galaxy and have their eyes on ears on everything that transpires and are molding the 54 Peoples into a pristine utopia”. No one knows what is true, or even if the shadow council is even real for no galactic politician has ever spoken on the subject. Ever.

The Evor Danteen,a comparatively plain people, still populate Evorstrom and are the guardians of the front door (so to speak) to their Mother Planet. No person of any other race is permitted even in the Evorstrom solar system and all supplies from the Mother Planet are provided by Evor Danteen merchants to third party haulers at the massive supply station just outside the Evorstrom planetary systems.

The Evor Danteen people are unique in the galaxy in that they can eat any food without suffering ill effect. They can be found living outside their solar system in small, private enclaves throughout the Citadel Galaxy and commonly serve in the Citadel Fleet since the Dietary Department needs to make no special considerations for them.

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