Cynzari Bakk (Storm Scion) [Living Empires]

character art by Limbo

On the world of Evorstrom, where every living thing is marked with the Sign of one of the eight gods, sometimes there is born a single person marked by two. It is commonly believed that this individual’s soul is of such great value and power that two of the deities fought for governance of it and neither won so the mark of each god is emblazoned upon the child. These people are called Scions and throughout history they have proven to be either magnanimous benefactors to the world or engines of the mightiest destruction.

The current Scion of Evorstrom is called the Storm Child for she bears the marks of Flame and Wind. Her name is Cynzari Bakk and she resides in the Western Polecity, Polidor. She was born to a wealthy merchant class family that had aspirations to higher placement in society. They leveraged their daughter’s fame and religious position to great effect and became one of the prominent citizen families in the entire western hemisphere; Prominent until they died six years ago in a fiery conflagration that consumed their home and most of the surrounding neighborhood.

Rumors held that the teenage Cynzari, always a brash and recalcitrant girl, had unleashed the firestorm of her power in a petulant rage against her parents. Afterwards, Cynzari refused the adoption attempts that both the Flame and Wind churches tried to enforce upon her, ignored the offers of marriage from eminent nobles and publicly ridiculed the news publications for their gossip-mongering. She disappeared into the uncivilized outer baronies for two years.

When she returned to the city, she exhibited great aplomb, poise and social dignity. In the three years since her return she has willingly navigated, not always successfully, the murky political arena between the nobility, the churches and the commoners garnering great praise as a unifying figurehead for the fractious and contentious people of Polidor.

Cynzari still takes mysterious “vacations” into the wilds every few months and, so far, has skillfully prevented all prying parties from discovering the nature of her solo jaunts.

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