Citizenship and Civilians [Living Starship]

The Citadel Confederacy of Planets is comprised of 54 colonial nations and roughly 750 billion people. While every individual is granted the rights of Citizenship on their home planet and its subsidiaries, they are not necessarily citizens of the Confederacy. Citadel Civilians are not second-class members of the galactic society, but only citizens are allowed to vote in galactic elections and referendums, are granted unrestricted interstellar travel licenses, are automatically enrolled in the Citadel Officer Academy when joining Cit Fleet and are allowed to apply for interstellar trade licenses. It is the founding obligation of the Confederacy to protect every loyal and living person in the galaxy, but only citizens have the ability to participate in the ongoing governance.

A civilian may be granted galactic citizenship in several ways. The most common is to join the Citadel Fleet and serve out a 5 year tour of duty. An individual may also submit an Affidavit of Exemplary Contribution proving that they have accomplished an "act of extreme merit to the benefit of society at large” be it a scientific discovery, an economic improvement or an extreme act of personal sacrifice. If one is lucky enough to be born into a Founding Family then citizenship is automatic at birth.

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