Thu. May. 19 2016
Living Starship’s game app will immerse you in onboard life on the massive new ship-of-the-line, the CSS Valiant Venture. You get to make a unique character from 10 racial choices and serve in one of the Fleet’s 7 divisions - Agency, Health, Science, Tactical, Flight, Engineering and Operations.

The first public BETA playtest will be held at this year’s Denver Comic Con. Hopefully many of you will want to write about the story that transpires over the con weekend and help us make a massive fiction experience for readers. Imagine choosing from hundreds of points of view - a newly graduated engineering cadet or a master sergeant in charge of logistics or a naive tactical lieutenant put in charge of far more experienced enlisted crew!

DCC flyer

Tue. Apr. 29 2016
Living Starship’s game app is progressing nicely and should be ready for the massive public beta test at Denver Comic Con 2016.

LS App Division FLI-PiFt

Above is what the description pages of each of the Fleet’s service departments is looking like. There are 34 different departments spread among the 7 divisions. Below is what the navigation page to all the info/database pages is looking like.

LS App ship-crew2

We also have a series of merchandise now available for purchase in all seven Fleet division colors through  

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 3.41.52 PM

Tue. Mar. 29 2016
Living Starship progress is clicking along nicely in the hopes of being up and running for this year’s Denver Comic Con. This weekend we finished up design work for each of the 35 department emblems.

Plus there is a new Blog entry about how gender equality evolved in the our fictional world of Evorstrom (the setting for both Living Empires and Living Starship).


Thu. Mar. 17 2016
We’re so excited to have wearable Living Starship paraphernalia. A big thanks to Limbo for 3D printing the rank badge (Major Warrant officer depicted here) plus a big thank you to Kerry for sewing the Warrant Officer uniform.

Mon. Mar. 14 2016
We’re hard at work finishing up the plot arc to be played out during the inaugural Living Starship event at Den er Comic Con this summer. We are toying with the idea (hence we’ve put some conceptual effort behind it) of filtering each character’s experience during the story through a lens of chosen motivation.  We found a great article about “real alignments” for Dungeons & Dragons and modified it a tad.

Alignment Graphic

Tue. Feb. 23 2016
We have successfully migrated this website to it’s new server home. Thank you for all you patience while we were away.

Blogging is back with a new scene from the Living Empires story. Root Position. 

Fri. Feb. 19 2016
We are sorry for the absence of this website for a couple days. We have been in the process of migrating to a new server. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Mon. Feb. 15 2016
The first story of the Living Empires saga has begun!

“Root Position” kicks off the saga that leads up to the one event that sets in motion everything that defines the Citadel Galaxy of Living Starship. If you want to see what life was like 3,000 years ago on the planet of origin for every colonial race in the galaxy, then this story is for you. Read the first scene in the Dingo Daily Details blog.

Root Position logo

Wed. Feb. 3 2016
The first Living Starship story has begun. Read the first scene from Oblivion’s Light by Lauren Hershey and Layman Kingsford in today’s Dingo Daily Detail blog post.

Oblivions Light logo

Wed. Jan. 20 2016
When inspiration strikes, take advantage of it. Something triggered ideas for the loose concept of our Get Blazed cooperative game so we’ve cobbled together a play test version PLUS worked out some new logo work and t-shirt design ideas. Check out the Get Blazed page to see the other designs and read about the game concept.

GEt Blazed logo 5

Mon. Jan. 11 2016
Blogging is once again in effect here at Cheeky Dingo. Today’s subject covers the changes in gameplay between the 1st and upcoming 2nd edition of the HouseBoy board game. The 2nd Edition rulebook is posted in PDF format as well.

Wed. Jan. 6 2016
Happy New Year everyone! We hope your holiday season was enjoyable, we certainly had a nice break from things.

Our big news is in regards to Living Starship. We have decided to make the digital (smart phone) version of this game our primary objective and not just as a companion tool for the upcoming inaugural live gameplay event at Denver Comic Con this June. It will be it’s own stand-alone game app fueled by a dynamic match-3-style mechanic to operate your crew and starship.

Our blog, Dingo Daily Details, will pick up again next Monday, January 11.

Fri. Dec. 18 2015
Happy Holidays everyone! We will be taking a bit of time off over the next two weeks so blogging will be intermittent. Hope the season treats you well and we’ll be back at full burn at the start of 2016!

Tue. Dec. 9 2015
Living Starship Playtesting is back on!
We have spent A LOT of time over the past month and a half preparing the Living Starship game for both tabletop and live convention experiences. We have honed in on the core of what we want the game to be and have printed out components to star active play testing once again.

Today we tried out the introductory scenario which puts 8 members of your crew on a reconnaissance  away mission that goes shockingly wrong. Can they figure out what happened and gain valuable insight to mysterious goings on or will they die in service to the Citadel Fleet?

It turns out that in our first run through it was curtains for both the science (blue) and agency (red) crew members and everyone else was wounded and/or stressed out as well. They did complete the mission, but not everyone lived to report to the captain.

Mon. Nov. 30 2015
Blogging Has Recommenced
We hope all our American fans had a good Turkey holiday. We certainly did and let me tell you that having Thanksgiving dinner in a house full of restauranteurs and chefs makes for a magnificently-yummy meal.

Check out todays blog topic, the enigmatic Mother Planet of Living Starship - Evorstrom.

Fri. Nov. 6, 2015
2-fer Blog post 
Today there are two installments in the  DINGO DAILY DETAIL blog. Both are in regard to Living Starship. The first is a brief detail of the dreamy and feather-headed V’Shenda race and the second gives a brief overview of the Evorstrom Galaxy and its history.

Thu. Nov. 5, 2015
Bringin’ Back the Blog!!! 
We’ve decided to re-commit to keeping you all in the loop of what’s going on here at Cheeky Dingo Entertainment by using this blog (renamed DINGO DAILY DETAIL). Every Monday through Friday we will give you a bite-sized piece of info about at least one of our ongoing projects. 

The bulk of this is currently intended to facilitate the dissemination of “world-building” for both Living Starship and NynoSaga (a.k.a. Living Empires) which will also necessitate input from any of you who have a creative drive to participate in these grand fantasy and sci-fi epics. There will also be some snack-like details about HouseBoy the Board Game 2nd Edition and the official ElfQuest Adventure Game and its expansions.

Today’s installment is about Living Starship.

Tue. Oct. 21, 2015
There are only a handful of collector copies of the 1st edition of HOUSEBOY the Board Game left in stock. Order them now! The 2nd edition is in its final stages of development so get ready for even more sexy fun with Jace the Pool Boy, Erik the Kitchen Boy and all their housemates as they contend for old man Jonathan Glamcocks immense.fortune.

Mon. Aug. 3, 2015
There is a terrific ARTICLE about the current state of diversity within the gaming community, particularly the competitive circuits, addressing the myriad issues that are of utmost importance to us as we develop Living Starship and continue work on ElfQuest expansions.

We hope to make the social environment surrounding our Living Starship game the most diverse and inclusive that the industry has ever seen.

Fri. Jul. 3, 2015
We are starting preliminary design work on the first ElfQuest Adventure Game expansion (working title - “Sorrow’s End) and need your help in choosing which characters appear as fully playable cards in the set.

Take the  SURVEY

Thu. Jul. 2, 2015
We have uploaded a new version of the ElfQuest Adventure Game rule book HERE as a downloadable PDF. Happy 4th of July to all our American fans and friends!

Tue. May. 26, 2015
We want to sincerely thank everyone who stopped by out table at Denver Comic Con this last weekend. It was so much fun talking to ElfQuest fans new and old who sought us out.

It is very exciting for us to see the intense interest so many people have for our upcoming (and very ambitious) project - Living Starship. We will be embarking on public play-testing of the tabletop version very soon here in Denver so keep an eye on this website and Facebook for details.

Wed. April. 29, 2015
We have posted a Quick Reference guide to the basic rules of play for the ElfQuest Adventure Game HERE.

And we have come up with a completely new, faster and friskier mechanics set for HOUSEBOY the Board Game. So stay tuned for further details as work on the second edition progresses.

Mon. April. 20, 2015
We have started compiling the F.A.Q. document for the ElfQuest Adventure Game.

Wed. April. 15, 2015
We have posted a “quick & dirty” video of one season of sample play of the ElfQuest Adventure Game here.

Mon. April. 13, 2015
The ElfQuest Adventure Game is available. Check your nearest comic shop or game store for a copy today! 

We have also been retooling the look of the fleet uniforms:

drag show logo
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