Tue. Apr. 18 2017

We have rapidly developed a brand new CASUAL card game utilizing the military rank system from Living Starship:

rankaree logo

The game plays quickly and is very easy to learn. It is made of a deck of 98 hexagonal cards of 7 suits (one for each Division in the Fleet: Agency, Engineering, Flight, Health, Operations, Science and Tactical) and each suit has 14 cards - 7 Officers and 7 Enlisted.

The object of the game is to collect the most JOB tokens by playing the highest rank card from your hand. Once all the job tokens have been claimed, points are totaled and a new job starts with one additional token added to the set.

The deck is also has 7 SETBACK cards in it. When one is drawn all the unclaimed tokens of one color are removed from the job. If there are none to remove, the job is over. The game ends immediately when the 7th Setback card is drawn.

Rankaree Card Spread

We’ll be demoing this game along with the full Living Starship Board Game all day this Saturday at Denver’s Starfest Convention.

Tue. Apr. 11 2017

After a smashing round of play testing the Living Starship Game at Board Game Republic this past weekend, we are gearing up for the next public outing for the game - Starfest Convention

We will be running demos of the basic game all weekend so make plans now (plus you can meet all sorts of TV and Movie famous-folk). Here's a peek at how the character card redesign is shaping up.

ENG1 BACK Krazii Samsun
ENG1 Krazii Samsun

Wed. Apr. 7 2017

This Sunday at Board Game Republic in Denver, wear your favorite starship uniform and come play test as one of the crew of the C.F.S. Noisy Noon in the Living Starship Game.

Which division will you serve in - Agency, Engineering, Operations, Health, Tactical, Science or Flight? Or do you have the stones to be the Captain?

LS app image1

Tue. Apr. 6 2017

Make sure to call Mile High Hamburger Mary’s to reserve space for your team in the run-away game show sensation - Wig Wars.

Tue. Feb. 21 2017

Tonight is the debut of Wig Wars at Denver’s Mile High Hamburger Mary’s4 teams will compete to craft the fiercest queen they can out of the supplies provided and the audience will crown one of them Queen of the Week.

Wig wars poster2

Come on down, eat, drink and MAKE Mary!

Tue. Feb. 7 2017

Gayme Queens web series coming soon! Stay tuned.

Gayme Queens logo2

Sun. Feb. 5 2017

This Tuesday, we run a demo of the Wig Wars Game Show at Mile High Hamburger Mary’s in Denver. Come join the frivolity and fun and see if you can craft a better drag queen than the other teams!


 Mon. Dec. 19 2016

New game concept in the works - SportsBall. It will likely be both a live audience game show appearing in bars in the Denver area as well as a tabletop parlor game to play at home.

Sportsball logo1

Mon. Sep. 27 2016
Available now - the full print version of 7 Sign Circle at the print-on-demand service, The Game Crafter. We elected to go with a smaller box (than the prototype pictured here) to lessen the overall cost of the game.

That does mean, however, that there is no copy of the circle mat (it won't fit) but it’s by no means needed to play any of the games as you can lay out the cards and tokens in a circle anywhere. But you can print out a copy HERE on your own printer (click on the circle image for a full-resolution rendering).

7 sign pic box contents

Plus we are working on a live pub game version utilizing the 7 Sign Circle set with some Denver Breweries. Stay tuned for more details emerge.

Fantasy Beer Quest logo1

Fri. Sep. 23 2016

There are rules posted in the updated PDF for a new 7 Sign Circle game called Scion. Can you be the first in your magic-user academy class to master magic aspected to 2 of the eleven signs? 

Maybe you’ll become the Ghost Scion by mastering Spirit and Dream magic or the Grave Scion by combining Blood and Stone magic!

Scion Marks color

Mon. Sep. 19 2016
The card files and rules for 7 Sign Circle are available for FREE download at DriveThruCards. This is the print-and-play version, meaning you’ll need to print and cut out the card files to make your own deck.

Fri. Sep. 9 2016
Fun news! We’re rapid-developing a new card game called 7 Sign Circle by Layman Kingsford. Normally, game design takes months or even years for us but this one just sprang to mind and was put into Alpha-version action in 2 days!

7 Circle Signs is a rummy-like game of hand management and set collection. It is elementary to learn but has scads of deeper possibilities what with there being 11 suits of 11 cards each pulled from the Living Empires setting (with versions of this game still being played 3,000 years later by inhabitants of the Living Starship cosmos)

Click on this image to learn more:

7signCircle logo 1

Thu. Aug. 12 2016
The progress on the Living Starship tabletop game has been feverish this past week. Here’s the latest version of the Engineering player’s board.


Thu. July. 21 2016

The TOOLboy design has been added to our HouseBoy collection of merchandise on RedBubble .

Pool Boy Merch promo

Wed. July. 13 2016
There are more new merchandise designs in our RedBubble collection. A new Get Blazed® Colorado design plus ALL the officer versions of the Living Starship© uniform-inspired shirts and merch with Executive-style leggings.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.24.11 PM

Thu. June. 30 2016
There are new t-shirt and merchandise designs in our RedBubble store:  Pool Boy from our HouseBoy Board Game®, Wig Wars® from our upcoming live action Drag Show game and two Ciirtah Race options from Living Starship® and a fresh Get Blazed® design. More designs coming soon.

shirt promo

Mon. June. 20 2016

Thank you to everyone who came by to see Cheeky Dingo Entertainment at Denver Comic Con this last weekend. Thank you to everyone who play tested Living Starship Game , gave us feedback and provided encouragement. You are who we do all this hard work for!

I would also like to give a massive hug and thank you to my co-developers - Joe and Breana - for jumping on board with more than both feet each and working so fiendishly to bring this massive game experience into reality. Anda big thanks to my right hand this weekend, Patrick Duarte for helping schlepp, chat with people and providing IT support. And then James Ivey and Jim Weber and Liaht Rosenstein need a hugs and thanks for being the diplomatic corps over the weekend and spreading the word and bringing people to our booth.

Fri. June. 17 2016
We are live at Denver Comic Con. Come to room 705 to join Cit Fleet and Beta test the Living Starship game now! Click HERE or on the image below to log in after registering.

Play now button

Tue. June. 14 2016
With Denver Comic Con and the debut of the first public play test of Living Starship just 2 days away, we thought we’d give you the heads up on how the smart phone game is going to play. Click HERE or on the image below to read the PDF overview.

We hope to see you this weekend as part of the crew of the C.S.S. Valiant Venture! You will also have the opportunity to donate to the production of the full game, earn cool collectible merch and even create official content for the saga!

Sun. June. 5 2016
Not to be a tease or anything….BUT….something fun is coming soon to Denver.

It’s live! It’s Crass! It’s full of cocktails and it’s all about the GLAM! You’ll get to play the game, if you have the sass to pull it off.


Wed. June. 1 2016
IF you place your orders now on our RedBubble store, you should still be able to get your Fleet regulation uniform apparel in time to play a crew member on the CSS Valiant Venture’s maiden voyage at Denver Comic Con in a couple weeks.

We can’t wait to have you participate in the live BETA test of the Living Starship game at the convention and get your feedback, ideas and your stories inspired by the one-of-a-kind interactive experience. Please find us in room 705 at the convention to sign up!

uniform promo

Wed. May. 25 2016
Hey all you sci-fi writers! Cheeky Dingo Entertainment is launching the first public beta-test of the Living Starship Game at Denver Comic Con in June.

We'd love to have you participate by playing the digital/live-interactive game and become a member of the ship crew that will face some monumental events in the Citadel Galaxy over the course of the convention weekend.

Then...if you were to write about your character's experience through this opening chapter of the epic saga, we're hoping to publish the story from as many character points of view as possible!

DCC flyer

Thu. May. 19 2016
Living Starship’s game app will immerse you in onboard life on the massive new ship-of-the-line, the CSS Valiant Venture. You get to make a unique character from 10 racial choices and serve in one of the Fleet’s 7 divisions - Agency, Health, Science, Tactical, Flight, Engineering and Operations.

The first public BETA playtest will be held at this year’s Denver Comic Con. Hopefully many of you will want to write about the story that transpires over the con weekend and help us make a massive fiction experience for readers. Imagine choosing from hundreds of points of view - a newly graduated engineering cadet or a master sergeant in charge of logistics or a naive tactical lieutenant put in charge of far more experienced enlisted crew!

Tue. Apr. 29 2016
Living Starship’s game app is progressing nicely and should be ready for the massive public beta test at Denver Comic Con 2016.

LS App Division FLI-PiFt

Above is what the description pages of each of the Fleet’s service departments is looking like. There are 34 different departments spread among the 7 divisions. Below is what the navigation page to all the info/database pages is looking like.

LS App ship-crew2

We also have a series of merchandise now available for purchase in all seven Fleet division colors through  

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 3.41.52 PM

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